Abstract, slides and videos from my APAC Basic Income conference talk (talk to be re-recorded at a later date)

Munly Leong, Australian software engineer/entrepreneur working in AI/Bot development. Member of Basic Income Australia group, founder of jobdestruction.org. BSc in Software Engineering from the University of Advancing Technology.


Ideal characteristics and potential cities/favourable govts to build a special economic zone or rather basic income zone where companies can have free reign to build cheaper sustainable 3d printed housing, fully automated drone businesses and services and otherwise as close to a zero marginal cost society from scratch from the assumption that there'll be little to no jobs to run it all and basic income will be a given. Build or utilize an existing cheaper city where a basic income would already have at least an above average purchasing power. A basic income will not cover adequately things like a first world mortgage just like many countries are "not rich enough" to do the basic income as a whole but there are many pockets and cities around the world that can i.e. prince edward island in Canada. Ideal sites at a minimum should be fiscally conservative and have a mix of reasonably educated people / local university along with blue collar.